Playing in bands, writing songs and producing his own music since he was 13, Nate Zak still continues to find and develop his sound. After his high school band he fronted through three albums called hiatus in 2018, Nate needed a new outlet. While looking for inspiration, he became infatuated with LoFi. Taking the name from the combo of his two fur-babies and his dad-like-grind of drinking coffee at a desk all day, Nate’s new solo project was officially dubbed CAT DAD.

Less than a year after releasing new music, his song I Fade Away (written with his girlfriend Tulips Ballad and co-produced by his homie M.E) found it’s way into the arms of a small cult of Indie/LoFi kids and and the embrace of tens of thousands of playlists. Over 1.5 million total streams, thousands of followers, and two years later, his sound continues to evolve, these days taking heavy influence from his early love of alternative groups of the 90’s and 00’s.

In 2021, Nate was itching for a new sound again and began focusing more on his roots as a singer-songwriter. In September of the same year, he released the fully self-produced Indie-Pop track, Here To Stay, followed by his sophomore music video and even more growth on social media. Compared to the likes of Still Woozy, Rex Orange County, Vacations, Ricky Montgomery and others, it’s only a matter of time before CAT DAD sifts through the swamp of the music industry and lands on radio stations and stages around the world.

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